Mid-Symposium Excursions:

There were three alternative routes.
  • Route 1: Biosphere Reserve Vienna Woods (Leopoldsberg & Kalksburg). Thermophilous oak forests, lime and beech forests, dry and semidry grasslands, the northern most Black Pine forest of Austria.
  • Route 2: Danube National Park and alluvial landscape along the river March. Alluvial forests, aquatic vegetation, alluvial meadows, sand dunes.
  • Route 3: National Park Neusiedler See – Seewinkel. Pannonic landscape with dry grasslands, halophytic vegetation, swamps and fens.

Post-Symposium Excursion:

Full-day trip to the calcareous part of the Biosphere Reserve Vienna Woods.
Various types of dry and semidry grasslands, thermophilous oak and beech forests, maple and lime woods, Black Pine forests.